Converting a Campervan – 7 tried and tested MUST DO’s to think about before you start on your conversion adventure.

We spent quite a while researching conversions that we liked, that were suitable and also were within our budget. We found a wonderful local business, Cannon Campervan Conversion, who suited us down to a T!

Logo-futura-tag-1-300x300They really understood our needs, suggested things we hadn’t even thought of and also made choosing them very easy for us. BUT before we signed on the dotted line we definitely scouted out other companies for a bit of compare and contrast. Here are a few useful tips that we have picked up along the way…

  1. DO shop around. There will be so many companies to choose from and they will all offer a very different package and service. Don’t be afraid to meet with a few companies to get a grasp of what they can do for you and actually what it is you want. Some will even source the van for you.
  2. DO have a few campervan holidays first and maybe try a few different conversion styles. You will very quickly realise what you do and don’t like about certain conversion styles and it’s good to make sure that you know what is important to you when you’re spending a fair bit of money on a van.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. DO plan your first trip before you take your van home. It sounds mad but you will be surprised how many people buy a van with the good intentions of getting out more and then just find they don’t have the time or time slips away with them. This may not be you but who doesn’t love getting something in the diary to look forward to. Book it up and get those travel juices flowing.
  4. DO think really carefully about your colour schemes. Again, it may sound obvious but you want something that will be timeless and will last. Darker colours are great for the floor because it will make the whole compact space feel a lot bigger. Whilst lighter tops and sides can create a brighter more open feel, however they aren’t great for rental vehicles so bear this is mind if you are planning on generating a bit of income whilst you’re not using your van. Also the darker carpeted walls seem to age better and the carpet insulation makes sure you are kept nice and snug. FullSizeRender
  5. DO make sure you really consider the spec level. You also want to be sure that you are getting quality items that last. The roof and beds are quite expensive but it is really worth splashing out to buy the top spec here as it will last longer and be more robust and reliable.  For example we have a RIB back seat/fold down bed which is fully crash tested and has been one of the best spends of our conversion in my mind. It’s that classic old saying “buy cheap, buy twice”. Investing in a branded roof (we can recommend Reimo and SCA) and back seats/bed will also help to hold the value of the van for resale when you want to upgrade. Definitely something to consider when making your choices. 
  6. DO think about materials. We have opted for Staron Worktops which are incredibly durable and can be easily sanded down to remove scratches whilst keeping the colour and finish. We also use leather seating because it is easier to maintain. Camping is not always the cleanest of holidays and mud can sometimes get in to even the smallest nooks and crannies so be sure choose fabrics and materials that are easy to clean will keep your van looking nicer for longer.front seats
  7. DO think about space. Remember everything needs to be accessed easily and stored away easily. “Home away from home comforts” are great, you are going on holiday after all, but bear in mind that the space in a camper is limited. This is a blessing and a curse. You can travel to the most remote places, down the smallest roads to really be at one with nature and away from the crowds. You can also easily park up festivals and events without too much bother but you DON’T have the space of a penthouse apartment. It is definitely worth thinking about this when planning your conversion. Is the design of the space suitable for the things you will be taking with you on your holidays?  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We hope these tips have helped but if you have any questions at all or you want to try before you buy then hit us up!

You know how to find us… (Here if you didn’t know)

Happy Camping.

Team Taffi Campers x

P.s. Next up we are going to have a chat with the genius that is Richard of Cannon Camper Conversions who had tonnes of information for you all. Watch this space