Our very first blog post…a bit about us.

This is our very first blog post and we are super excited to get started. We can’t wait to share all of our amazing travel and camping stories with you all and hopefully inspire some new “bucket-list” trips. We are definite followers of the Home is Where you Park It Tribe and we love taking our van Wil on as many adventures as we can.

Firstly to fill you in a bit about “Our Wil”… He is the first campervan to be a part of the Taffi family. He is a spritely young thing and loves an adventure. We love trips in our Wil so much that we even hire him out to anyone who wants to go and explore the outdoors through our company Taffi Campers. 

Our lovely boy started his life as a panel van but has now had a new lease of life as our beloved camper. We are so proud that he is #builtnotbought and we have our buddies over at Cannon Camper Conversions to thank for that! He has been made with love and care and every item has been specifically chosen for him. We loved every minute of the conversion and will definitely have another blogpost coming soon to tell you all about the process as we are just about to get our second van in the workshop!

*Cue excited cheers from the Taffi Campers HQ*

We have had some truly epic trips over the last few years which we can’t wait to share with you, from New Zealand (where we decided we needed to buy our own van) to the beautiful coastline of our beloved Wales, to the west coast of England even up to the highlands of Scotland,  and many more. We always have a trip in the pipeline and are always looking at savvy ways to save a buck so tune in and find out how you could join the  VanLife cult that is sweeping the nation.

In the meantime, check out our Instagram for some cheeky updates of what we have been up to and for news of the latest arrival to join our team in the New Year.

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